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# TitleCategoryAnswered Date
1Personal gift - covid respirator, chocolateTax issues, Customs Procedures31/08/2021
Dear Sir, Madam,

I would like to send a parcel to Vietnam as a personal gift.

It is a respirator - full face mask, 1 piece.
And 4 chocolate bars.
Is that okay to send it as a gift?

Are there any restrictions on these items?

Thank you very much,

Kind regrads,
2To Whom It May Concern: A gift from a friendTax issues31/08/2021
Hello. I hope you are well and healthy during this time.
one of my friend has sent me a birthday gift(wallet) from South Korea. It was via South Korean national postal company. She wrote down more than $50 as a value of the goods on a paper and it's been already waiting to get dispatched. I'm wondering if I will have to pay the tax for this one. It's a small package which is a genuine gift from a thoughtful friend of mine.

I'd look forward to hearing from you soon. Stay safe and have a good day.

Thank you

Best regards
3Sending gift to Vietnam from SingaporeCustoms Procedures25/08/2021

I would like to send a gift to Vietnam from Singapore which will contain coffee (about 300grams) and honey (around 500grams) to be consumed privately only. It is just a personal gift. Is there any restrictions on sending this to Vietnam?

Appreciate your prompt response. Many thanks!
4import tax omega watch from japanTax issues04/08/2021
Dear customs

I want to purchase an Omega watch from a retail shop in Japan through www.chrono24.com website

The price of the watch is 3780 usd

What is the import tax, if any, applied to this item?

5Customs duties, tariffs, VAT on gift to student participant in ISEFTax issues, Customs Procedures02/08/2021
To Vietnam Customs:

The American Statistical Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting good statistical practice, sponsors Special Awards in Statistics for students who have participated in the annual Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) and made particularly good use of statistical and data analytical methods in their research. A student from Vietnam has won one of these awards for 2021: a book on methodology in statistics and data science.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, student participants did not travel to the United States for the 2021 ISEF (the competition and judging were entirely online), so we were not able to deliver the award to the student in person.

We mailed one such book to the Vietnamese award winner. It was listed as a gift on the U.S. customs form we filled out, since the student was not required to pay anything for the book. Unfortunately, the shipper substituted "merchandise" for "gift" in its documentation (we can provide copies of those documents if they are relevant).

We are concerned that the student might have to pay some duty, tariff, or tax on the book. Is this the case in Vietnam? Is there a limited exemption for which this award might qualify? We want this award to be a joy, not a burden, for the student.

Please advise us on how to proceed.

Thank you.

Dr. Jolayne (Jo) Service
Member, Orange County Long Beach Chapter,
American Statistical Association
6Does any discount on tax existing for impirting vehicles to Vietnam?Tax issues21/07/2021
Hi,from a trade department of a JV of automobile in China,we are wondering is there any discount or support on importing vehicles in Vietnam?In China we heard about some info said we can get import tax free if the vietnam importer get more than 3000vehicles imported ?is that true?and can you please present if there‘s some discount or support for the importer with importing vehicles or CKD kits in Vietnam?
hope my question is clear for you.
waiting for your reply.
if you have some links about my question will be great too.

7Parcel from the PhilippinesTax issues, Customs Procedures, Others21/07/2021
Dear Sir/Ma'am,

Good afternoon, I am writing you this email to inquire about sending a small parcel from my home country (Philippines) to Hanoi, Vietnam.

The parcel will be sent by my parents which will include:
Milk powder in pouches 80g each 10pcs
Kojicsan soap 3pcs
Sinigang mix powder 12pcs
Ufc banana ketchup 1 pouch
Assorted chips 3pcs
Shampoo and conditioner (no receipts) received as a gift.

These will be all for my personal consumption and most likely the total will be more or less 1,500,000vnd.

I would like to know what documents do I need to prepare in order to receive the following items.

And do I need to pay anything to receive the items.

Thank you very much in advance.
I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Have a nice day!


8Coal Exports in May 2020 (Revised)Customs Statistics02/07/2021
Hello, we are a Japanese media company on energy industry.

In your "Statistics of main exports by month (May 2020) - Revised,"
total coal exports in a single month of May 2020 were 87,012 tons.
The figure was revised from 89,590 in your preliminary statistics.

However, according to "Statistics of exports by country/territory main exports (May 2020) - Revised," the figure by country was not revised as below.

77,171 tons to Japan,
12,100 tons to Thailand, and
152 tons to the Philippines.
(Total: 89,423 tons, which is larger than 87,012 tons)

Could you give us advice on this?
9ship 10 sets of new laptop from Macao SAR to Vietnam HCMCTax issues25/06/2021
Dear sir,

We will open a new company in Vietnam HCMC, however , we can't purchase it from there, as it need take 15weeks lead time. So we would like to use the FedEx to ship it from Macau to VN. All the laptop is brand new , and it cost around USD 1300. May I know how many % of customs duty we need to pay .
Appreciate if you can reply it shortly . Thank you !

10Import E-BikeCustoms Procedures03/06/2021

I s it possible to import a brand new E-Bike for personal use ( Lithium -Ion battery included) from the U.S.A to Vietnam ? (https://sondorsx.com/pages/metacycle)

Thanks for your friendly help !

Best regards

Joerg Puls
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