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# TitleCategoryAnswered Date
1Exporting coffee beans (HS:090111 HS:090121) from Japan to Vietnam using TPPCustoms Procedures14/04/2021
This is Riku Ohkubo.

I am currently working at Daiohs Corporaiton (Global Office Coffee Service in Japan) as a member of overseas business development division.

I have a question regarding the documental procedures of exporting coffee beans (raw and roasted) (HS:090111 and HS:090121) from Japan to Vietnam using TPP.

I actually contacted JETRO Vietnam (professional overseas expansion advisor in Japan) for procedures and they have answered there are 4 process in order to use TPP.

I could not understand with one of the procedure and hope to receive an answer regarding the process.

The following below is an answer I received in JETRO and I have translated the answer into English.

Requirement 2 in the TPP (The original answer included total of 4 requirements)

If the goods are produced solely from originating materials, they can be determined to be originating from the country, but if they use non-originating materials (materials imported from a third country other than a Party to the Agreement), they must meet the requirements of Annex 3-D (Itemized Rules) of the TPP Agreement. The itemized rules for 090111 and 090121 are as follows:

HS090111: CC (2-digit change in tariff classification number: HS code of non-originating material and HS code of final product must be different on the basis of the upper two digits)
HS090121: CTSH (six-digit change of tariff classification number), but the following conditions must be further satisfied.

I do not understand the 2-digit change in tariff classification number.
In our company, the coffee bean is roasted in Japan; however, the raw bean is originated in various countries (Columbia, Brazil, Peru etc...)

If you could answer this question, it would be very helpful.

Best Regards,
Riku Ohkubo

Daiohs Corporation
Overseas development division
2Parcel consisting of food products from Singapore to VietnamCustoms Procedures07/04/2021

I deliver a gift parcel which consist of food products to my friend in Vietnam through FedEx. However, the agent insist that because the value exceed VND2m, it require a Food Hygiene and Safety Inspection Certificate in order to clear customs. Is this true? Just to add on is that there is no food safety warning issue for the food products in the parcel.

I have checked with the Institute of Public Health in Ho Chi Minh and they told me that certification is not required for personal consumption. They also told me that It is quite impossible for normal consumers to apply for the certificate as it is meant for companies doing food export/import. Please confirm.

Please note that I do agree that I should be paying extra duties for exceeding the duty free allowance.

Wen Sheng
3Where can I find the import tariff rate of all kinds of goods from most countries?Tax issues12/03/2021
Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to figure out where I can check tariff rate of various kinds of goods on the custom website.
I used to check through https://www.customs.gov.vn/SitePages/Tariff-Search.aspx?language=en-US. However this link has become invalid.

Could you please inform where this data is available? Thank you.
4Bringing frozen food into VietnamCustoms Procedures, Travellers05/03/2021
Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing regarding a person who has a visa permit in Vietnam and will be travelling with Qatar Airways to Hanoi.

The passenger would like to take a sealed, cold box, with well packed food (much of it frozen) with his check-in luggage.

Can you please confirm that it is permitted to take frozen food into Vietnam? Could you also please point me to the correct documentation or official government guidance on what type/quantity of food is legally permitted?

Thank you,
5Sending Medication from abroadCustoms Procedures, Others01/03/2021
Good morning,

My parents needs to send my prescription medication from South Africa, as I unfortunately cannot find it here in Vietnam.
My health insurance back home has covered the full cost of the medication. It is for epilepsy and I have been using it for 8years, so unfortunately I can not change the medication.

What paperwork must be included in the package to ensure I receive my medication so that there are no issues with customs?

6There are limit on the quantity of protective masks and alcohol base gel hand sanitizer on checked baggage when leaving Viet Nam?Travellers, Others02/02/2021
Hello Viet Nam Customs,

I’m leaving Viet Nam on March 2021 to go back to Italy, is it ok if I bring 2 or 3 boxes of face masks (medical/surgical masks or similar, around 50 pieces for each box) and around 5 to 10 small/medium bottle of hand sanitizer (235ml each) in my checked baggage?

I read a similar question but is almost 1 year old, so I’m not sure is still valid based on the evolution of the pandemic situation.

Thank you for any information.
7Country of origin label in inner packaging or in each item?Customs Procedures23/09/2020
Dear Customs Officer,
Good morning!
We are trading company in China and export copper patch cord 10 pieces in a pack with one plastic bag and many packs in an outer package (paper box), we have country of origin label in outer package and inner package. could you please help to confirm that is it a mandatory to have country of origin label in each piece of item ? or just have a country of origin label in inner packed plastic bag will be OK ?
Hope get your reply soon!
8Temporary Import clearance for reexportCustoms Procedures23/09/2020
Dear Customs Service Team,

Hope you are doing excellent.

We need your help to know about the temporary imports process in Vietnam. We want to temporary import transports equipment’s (Nacelles, hubs, drivetrain, Blades, towers) for a wind turbine project in Vietnam. Transport equipments will be re-exported to origin once the project assembly process completed.
We were doing that custom clearance in Vietnam as a temporary import, paying upfront duties and VAT and at time of export recovering part of that payment depending on how long was the time period and if ítems were new or used.
Now we are being told that regulation has changed, and with used ítems there is no duty refund. So, we need your help to guide us to Vietnam regulation how to proceed, and what can we save or not doing this temporary imports, for new and used ítems.

Please helps us to find answer for below key question or please direct us to the webpage where we can find the information.
•Can used items be temporary imported in Vietnam?
•How long can the temporary imported items be into Vietnam?
•Is duty exempted, or has to be paid in advance?
•Is VAT exempted, or has to be paid in advance?
•In case is exempted, has to be given any guaranty to customs?
•If duty and VAT has to be paid, is it all recovered/refunded?
•If rental contract has to be presented, can it be free of charge?

Thank you.

With Regards
9Send processed food ingredients (frozen pack) and alcohol to friend in VietnamCustoms Procedures10/09/2020
To who concern,

I wish to send gifts to my friend in Vietnam which are processed food ingredients (frozen pack) and alcohol like wines/whisky.

Please advise is there any restriction and what is the procedures.

Seeking understanding of the procedures before sending goods in 3 - 6 months.
10Export snacks and milk product from Hong Kong To Vietnam for BusinessTax issues08/09/2020
We are new to the Vietnam market and have questions regarding exporting snack and milk related product (Pudding, in room temperature) from Hong Kong to Vietnam.

Is there any Tax, License, Cert or Visa is needed to provide from exporter? The lead time to complete those procedure?

Thank you so much and hope to hear from you soon.
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