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The General Department of Customs issues the new import and export type code schedule

Thu Hong  28/06/2021 12:00 AM

The General Department of Customs has recently issued Decision No. 1357/QD-TCHQ on the code schedule of import, export typeand use instruction thereof. This Decision comes into effect from June 1, 2021 and replaces Official Dispatch No. 2765/TCHQ-GSQL dated April 1, 2015 of General Department of Customs on import, export format code on the VNACCS system.

For export typecode, Decision No. 1357/QD-TCHQ stipulates 16 typecodes, of which 5 codes remain unchanged; 10 codes amended; 01 code added (code C12: Export commodities from bonded warehouses to foreign countries), and 01 code abolished (code E56: Export of compensating products that are delivered within Vietnam)

For import typecode, Decision 1357/QD-TCHQ stipulates 24 types, of which 6 codes remain unchanged; 16 codes amended and 02 codes added (A43: Import commodities under Tax preferential treatment program; A44: Temporarily import commodities for sale at duty-free shops).

In Decision No. 1357/QD-TCHQ, the General Department of Customs also stipulates transition clauses to handle cases where customs declarations registered under respective format before effective date of this Decision. Specifically, for customs declarations registered under respective format before effective date of this Decision where use purposes are changed or customs declarations are registered in new import and export format, use codes specified under this Decision for registering new customs declarations.For codes specified under this Decision whose customs procedures have not been elaborated under Decrees of the Government and Circulars of Ministry of Finance, do not implement until specific regulations are issued.

Decision 1357/QD-TCHQ was issued to solve problems encountered in the implementation process as well as better meet the requirements of statistics and customs management as prescribed. Specifically, codes A11 and A12 need to be clearly classified according to the purposed of the commodities; code A31 needs to be classified for the purpose of re-importing commodities to apply the appropriate management style.

In addition, the provisions of the Law on Import Tax and Export Tax; The Law amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Tax Law also needs to adjust and supplement a number of typecodes to apply tax policy such as: supplementing types of goods for which tax shall be paid with state budget, import and export goods of priority enterprises...


CurrencyEffective dateExchange rate
USD13/09/202122,670.00 đ
EUR13/09/202126,521.20 đ
JPY13/09/2021204.09 đ
GBP13/09/202130,951.12 đ
CHF13/09/202124,397.39 đ
AUD13/09/202116,531.48 đ
CAD13/09/202117,660.59 đ
SEK13/09/20212,586.53 đ
NOK13/09/20212,563.53 đ
DKK13/09/20213,557.57 đ
RUB13/09/2021310.97 đ
NZD16/09/202116,371.46 đ
HKD13/09/20212,883.25 đ
SGD13/09/202116,690.47 đ
MYR13/09/20215,435.28 đ
THB13/09/2021683.93 đ
IDR16/09/20211.62 đ
KRW13/09/202118.73 đ
INR13/09/2021308.91 đ
TWD16/09/2021834.76 đ
CNY13/09/20213,490.44 đ
KHR16/09/20215.68 đ
LAK16/09/20212.42 đ
MOP16/09/20212,885.30 đ
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