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Decision 952/QĐ-TCHQ dated 03/4/2015 on the amendments to client service charter.
Title: 952/QĐ-TCHQ
Summary: Decision 952/QĐ-TCHQ dated 03/4/2015 on the amendments to client service charter.
Document type: Decision
Category: Other
Publisher: Others
Signer: Nguyen Ngoc Tuc
Issuing date: 03/04/2015
Effective date: 15/04/2015
Decision 952TCHQ2015.pdf    
CurrencyEffective dateExchange rate
USD17/05/202122,940.00 đ
EUR17/05/202127,311.80 đ
JPY17/05/2021206.17 đ
GBP17/05/202131,896.98 đ
CHF17/05/202125,007.72 đ
AUD17/05/202117,554.12 đ
CAD17/05/202118,732.06 đ
SEK17/05/20212,685.53 đ
NOK17/05/20212,710.89 đ
DKK17/05/20213,682.37 đ
RUB17/05/2021309.24 đ
NZD13/05/202116,736.73 đ
HKD17/05/20212,922.56 đ
SGD17/05/202117,039.11 đ
MYR17/05/20215,532.84 đ
THB17/05/2021722.86 đ
IDR13/05/20211.63 đ
KRW17/05/202119.62 đ
INR17/05/2021312.55 đ
TWD13/05/2021827.87 đ
CNY17/05/20213,537.38 đ
KHR13/05/20215.71 đ
LAK13/05/20212.47 đ
MOP13/05/20212,893.99 đ
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